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Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
-stop shopping, go, buy everything and transform your bathroom. >> neifi -- navy blue is big. it's nice for the fall and winter months to have something like that. you say you can put that in the kitchen? >> navy blue is the new black for fall and easy to incorporate into a table top. here's a pretty dish set. also from k-mart. everything i have on the table are from k-mart, sears or home goods because it's affordable and this is $49.99 for a 16-piece set, black and blue, durable, dishwasher safe. >> something you don't need to do any painting for, black and white. >> very classic color combination, both in fashion and home decor. this collection i found at home goods, it's a houndstooth throw that would look great on a chair or sofa, pair it up with black and white accessories and you have a fresh, updated look for your home in the fall. >> you're not from this area but happened to wear black and orange. go o's. go o's. >> thank you so much. if you'd like to find more tips, go to her website for more tips. up next, in the kitchen for sunday brunch. >> welcome back, it's time for sunday
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1